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Opinion: Defer the vote on Devlin Technology Park; the BOCS is not whole

...As many are aware, the Gainesville district has no representative- the board is not whole.

With the February 21 special election looming, one cannot help but imagine this vacancy has played some role in the expedited vote for Devlin. With board ranks diminished the number of votes needed to pass a rezoning drops, an additional potential voice of decent goes unheard.

While it’s true this project is wholly contained within the Brentsville district, decisions of this magnitude are left to the whole board for a reason- so that countywide impacts can be discussed and considered. It’s increasingly impossible for the long-term ramifications of large land use decisions to remain contained within arbitrarily drawn political lines.

With the February special election just weeks away, the board has only one honorable choice- defer the Devlin Technology Park vote until after a new Gainesville representative is seated...


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