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Lowering the Cost of Living

Too many Prince William residents feel they are being priced out of our community due to rising rent and property taxes. 


Residents cannot continue to shoulder the tax burden while we’re willing to give huge tax breaks to data centers. 


Data centers in Prince William will soon pay $2.15 per $100 of assessed value, compared to $4.57 in Fairfax, $4.20 in Loudoun and $3.45 in Fauquier. 


Raising that tax to $2.15 enabled the Board of County Supervisors to keep residential property taxes flat and increase pay for our first-responders.


A more meaningful increase – one that puts us in line with neighboring jurisdictions – will allow us to lower taxes for residents, invest in intervention programs for our at-risk youth and young adults, and expand affordable and workforce housing. An appropriate tax policy will allow all of these to be achieved while restricting data center development to industrial zones.

Investing in Our Students

It's time to increase school funding. We have some of the most overcrowded schools in the western end of our county and the oldest facilities in the east. Our teachers and support staff are also fighting for equitable pay.


We should look into issuing bonds to accelerate school construction and renovations, while better budgeting for higher salaries to attract and retain highly-skilled teachers and support staff. 

Fostering Safer Communities

Every resident of Prince William County deserves to feel safe in our community. Keeping all of our residents safe will be my priority.


We need to increase pay for our police and firefighters and give them full collective bargaining rights so that they can negotiate better pay and working conditions. We also need to invest in more initiatives such as a summer jobs program that target at-risk youth and young adults to prevent crime and create pathways to opportunity.

A County for All of Us

Our county's growing diversity is an asset, not a threat. As Chair, I'll prioritize engaging communities throughout the county. I've committed to holding at least two town halls in each county district every year - because listening is the first step of leadership. 

Promoting Sustainable Growth

Our county can, and will continue, to grow but that growth must be strategic. Any new developments must be on our terms, not developers’ terms. We deserve leaders who pledge to protect our county…and mean it. 


In short - data centers and asphalt plants belong in industrial areas, not next to homes or schools. The Sierra Club has endorsed my campaign.


Creating Additional Options for Affordable Housing

There is an urgent need for more affordable housing, but we cannot solely rely on multifamily housing.

Homeownership is a key part of the American dream that allows individuals and families to build equity and prosper. Our communities are stronger when more people have a vested interest. 

Restoring Trust in Local Government

There's a difference between being a politician and being a public servant. Politicians are interested in self-preservation. They make decisions that benefit them personally rather than the people who they were elected to serve.

A public servant, on the other hand, places the needs of the public first and foremost. I pledge to be a public servant, and in doing so, help residents' trust in our local government.

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