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Devlin Tech Park data center proposal revised to include homes

Around 3 a.m. Wednesday, the Board of County Supervisors unanimously tabled the application for the Devlin Technology Park until March 7..

Eighty-one people spoke in a public hearing on the application, with all but four opposing it. Those in favor represented construction unions.

The opposition was worried about the impact of sound, felt it was too close to neighboring residential areas, the buildings were too high and it would decrease property values...

Deshundra Jefferson, who is running to unseat Board Chair Ann Wheeler, said the proposal wasn’t compatible with the neighborhood. She said the economic impact wasn’t worth it.

“Data centers only create a handful of permanent jobs and we tax data centers well below neighboring counties,” she said. “Ignore the pretty powerpoints. Is this something that you want in your backyard? … This isn’t about jobs or revenue. It’s about protecting people and their communities...”


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