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Communications professional announces Democratic primary challenge...

...She said the county is facing mounting pressure to grow, but the board needs to stand up to developers and focus on smart-growth practices.

“It’s OK to say no,” she said. “Effective leadership requires people to say no. I just don’t think it is responsible to say yes to everything.”

Jefferson said her campaign is centered around land use because it affects all aspects of life in the county. She wants the county to improve its community engagement around proposals.

“Land use is not sexy, but I want to bring sexy back to land use,” she said. “We have to do a better job of engaging specific communities.”

Beyond land use, Jefferson advocated for increased pay for the county’s firefighters, supporting collective bargaining and building bridges between the community and police department. She also wants to “turn down the temperature” on hot-button issues, such as racism and political polarization.

Jefferson stressed that she is “not running against anything,” but is rather offering a different vision for the county...


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