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Deshundra Jefferson

What Defines Me



I've spent my life fighting to improve our communities.


I disagreed with the Board of County Supervisors’ desire to raise taxes at the start of the pandemic, expressed concern over a proposal to build another asphalt plant near a Title 1 school, and publicly questioned plans to build data centers next to schools and homes. 

These types of policy decisions run against my principles. It's time we stand up for our community.


I was teased throughout school for being the only Black kid in advanced classes. If anything, that only made me work harder to excel.

It also taught me two critical life lessons: Stand by your values and stand up to bullies. 

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As a TV reporter in Jackson, Mississippi, I became keenly aware of how certain legislative policies had a disproportionate impact on working families and people of color.


The western part of Jackson was once a vibrant neighborhood, but as jobs moved elsewhere so did many of its residents. Those who couldn’t leave were trapped by poor schools, lack of opportunity, and little hope of upward mobility. 

It was hard to stay objective as lawmakers shortchanged funding for schools like those in Jackson or introduced a strict photo ID law with the intent of disenfranchising women and voters of color.  


I decided to break my silence to work in politics. 


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Over the past several years, I have advocated for making Prince William County a safer, nicer, and more affordable place to live. 


And I've knocked on thousands of doors, encouraging residents to make their voices heard by voting.


I am on the boards of the Virginia Poverty Law Center and the Nob Hill Forest Townhome Association.


I graduated cum laude with a bachelor’s degree in political science from Columbia University and a master’s degree in communication from Johns Hopkins University.


My experiences have prepared me well to run for Prince William Board of County Supervisors. This will be a tough race but, with our county’s future at stake, sitting on the sidelines is simply not an option. 

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