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Prince William is Our Home

Let's Work 

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Elect Deshundra Jefferson for Change


Ready to Fight for What is Right

I'm one generation removed from segregation.


My parents grew up in Jim Crow Mississippi -- held back by racist views of who they were and what they were capable of. 


They pushed me to dream big, and even though my dreams sometimes seemed elusive, I felt compelled to honor them by always pushing forward. 


One of my biggest dreams was to become a homeowner and to provide my son with the same stable, loving home that I grew up in. Prince William County allowed that to come true.


This community has welcomed me and allowed me to thrive. That’s why I feel compelled to serve.


Our county is at a crossroads, and we need effective leadership to move us forward.


True leadership requires you to learn when to say “no.”

We are on the fast track towards rapid industrialization.


We are supposed to believe that building data centers next to elementary schools and retirement communities is for the greater good of us all.


Personally, I think we deserve more than empty promises. 


We need to make homeownership, not just renting, affordable to more people.


We need to be better stewards of our tax revenue so that residents don’t continue to unfairly shoulder the burden.


And we desperately need smart growth policies to balance our desire to grow with our obligation to protect the environment and our quality of life. 


These aren’t feel good buzzwords. These are principles. 


Principles that I intend to honor as the next Chair of the Prince William Board of County Supervisors.



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